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October 19th, 2015
Two Ohio college professors have devised a way to make your favorite video clip into an animated fashion accessory. Dubbed "Tiny Screen Jewelry," the latest innovation in wearable tech is essentially a one-inch-wide LED screen encased in a necklace.


Margarita Benitez, assistant professor in Kent State University’s School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, and Markus Vogl, assistant professor from the University of Akron, designed the innovative necklace using the video components of a startup called TinyCircuits, which is also based in Akron.


“It’s just too cool for school,” Benitez told Kent State's web site. “It’s so adorable.”

Packed within the block-shaped necklace case are all the video components, as well as an SD card to store the video content and a USB connection to charge the battery. The screen measures 1.02″ x 0.98″ with a 0.96” viewable area that features a 96×64 OLED display and 16-bit color depth.


The prototype's plastic casing is produced by a 3-D printer, but the makers intend to introduce upgraded versions that will be clad in more luxurious materials, including gold leaf. Prices will start at about $125.


The exciting part of being able to wear a video around one's neck is that it can be an ever-changing expression of the wearer's mood and creativity.


“This is a way to augment your style, by adding a different color video or mood or emotion, or what’s trending that season or that day,” Benitez told kent.edu. “You can adapt your accessories that way.”

While some wearers might want to display a clip from the latest Hollywood blockbuster or favorite music video, others might want to show original works, or videos of their friends, families or pets.

“It would be fun to see what people do with it and what they play on it,” Benitez said.

Credit: Youtube screen captures.