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October 1st, 2015
Jubal Lee Young wrote a new chapter in the annals of NBC's hit show The Voice when he popped the question to his singing partner Amanda Preslar just after their blind audition on Monday night's episode.


The Tulsa couple, who have been performing together for 18 months, is the first ever to get engaged on the show, which is now in its ninth season.

Young and Preslar had just completed an original rendition of "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles when judge Gwen Stefani noted that their seductive harmonies conveyed an unusual chemistry.


"There was some king of special energy in it, as well," she said, "You can tell that you guys have something special."

Then, judge Blake Shelton asked asked a more pointed question about their relationship: "Are you guys a couple?" he inquired.

"Yes," responded Preslar.

"Are you married?" Shelton probed a bit further.

"Not yet," said Preslar. "One day."


At that point, to the surprise of the judges, studio audience, 12 million viewers at home, and family supporters who were waiting backstage, Young looked at his girlfriend and said, "Alright."

A visibly stunned Preslar pulled away, at first, thinking it was possibly a joke. "No way!" she exclaimed. "No. Are you serious?"


Then Young got down on bended knee and pulled a diamond engagement ring from his pocket.

"I'm serious," he nodded.

She quickly realized that this on-stage proposal was for real. "I love you," she said.

"I love you. Will you marry me?" Young whispered in her ear.


"Yes," she whispered back.

A stunned Shelton could hardly believe what was going down. "What just happened?" he asked.

"Are you serious?" Stefani gasped.

Then Young gently placed the ring on his girlfriend's finger.


Triumphantly raising her left hand with the ring clearly in view, Preslar looked at the judges and said, "I've been waiting for this day for a long time."


Almost as much fun as watching the surprise proposal was seeing the spontaneous, delirious outpouring of emotion from the couple's loved one's backstage.

Judge Adam Levine didn't seem to be satisfied with the engagement, as he pushed for a spontaneous on-stage marriage ceremony. "I happen to know that Blake is technically an ordained minister," he said, "so if you want to get it done..."

Young joked, "Let's enjoy this moment for a minute."

The couple's blind audition impressed both Stefani and Pharrell Williams, who turned their chairs, signifying their interest in coaching the singers in the subsequent rounds of the music competition show. The couple chose to go with Williams.

The Team Pharrell coach couldn't have been more pleased, tweeting, "I got my first duo AND they get engaged in front of our eyes. How is this real life?? #VoiceBlinds."

The couple's momentous performance/marriage proposal can be seen in the video below. The song "Seven Bridges Road" is close to Young's heart because it was written in 1980 for The Eagles by his dad, Steve.

Credit: Screen captures via YouTube/The Voice.